Electro Engineers In All Corners Of The Country

Electro Engineers have a strong belief in “advancing with the times” and employ “state of the art” technology and principles throughout our design and development processes, Construction. As specified in our design control procedure, the finished design is a result of not one, but several members of a committee who are qualified and experienced in the design and Construction field. The combination and comparison of ideas and knowledge from the committee result in a more efficient, competitive, safe, and reliable design. The design process interfaces with the client’s organization to ensure all requirements are adequately addressed.


CCTV Installation

JINN Petroleum

Serees Chines Restaurant 

Raman & Rahman Dental Clinic

Who We Are

Since 2000 the company’s mainline operations have been commercial installations, industrial installations, and maintenance; Electro-engineers has been providing a total service from design and installation through to commissioning and follow on maintenance in Islamabad. Other key functions include complete overhaul/refits of electrical machinery and systems. Also Electrical, plumbing, Ac installation, As repair services with good and quick response in overall Islamabad Rawalpindi